•  All campsites will be clearly marked and personnel will be on site when you arrive.  
  • The sites are first come first serve and have to be occupied with a trailer/camper, no vehicles.  
  • You can pay for your camping spot at this time and receive a camping permit which has to be posted in/on your camper with your last name, your club name, and your license plate number for your trailer/camper during your entire stay. 
  • Any campers or vehicles in the camping area prior to that date will be towed/moved to the composting area.
  • There are no reserving spots and any attempts to do so will be taken down.
  • All camping spots will be laid out with lines for boundaries.
  • If your trailer is moved in Monday or Tuesday while no one from the committee is there, it is your responsibility to pay for your camping site.  You can do this prior to this date by paying when you register your animals or by Thursday (June 22) to anyone on the camper committee, see list below.  You will not receive your camper permit until this due is paid.
  • If you move in on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, any marked site that is not occupied with a trailer/camper is available to you.
  • You must be showing an animal at the Fair to be allowed a camping site.  If it is determined that you have a trailer/camper on site and not showing animals you will be asked to leave or your trailer/camper will be towed at the owners’ expense.